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Stretchkins Review









Do you think that your kids can have fun and exercise at the same time? They can with Stretchkins, the newest gotta have toy that will promote exercise. As a parent of 4 I need something that will keep my children having fun. I’ve tried everything to keep them interested in fitness.  After a long day of school, I don’t want them sitting around the house all day watching TV.  Enter the Stretchkins! You place the hands and feet in the Stretchkins and start moving around! The toy will stretch and play everywhere with you. Do yourself some flips, cartwheels, and just about whatever you want! My girls love it because they can play all day and when they’re done they can cuddle up with them for the night. Yeah, I can’t believe it either! Even though my youngest is too small to fit into the Stretchkin, she still loves to cuddle and sleep with it.

I definitely recommend this to any parents that wants to “secretly” promote healthy exercise, or anyone that just wants their kids to have a brand new cuddly friend. Whether you have a boy or girl or both, you can choose from many different designs. There is True Blue Elephant, Playful Puppy, Pretty Unicorn, Red Dragon, Stripped Tiger, and Jumping Frog. Having 4 little kids I have all the different styles.  They are As Seen on TV Official Site kid approved! Stretchkins are available here!

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