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Flipeez Hats – From The Makers of Stompeez!

Flipeez Hats

New animal themed and energetically animated fleece knit caps for children of all ages called Flipeez will become available in the middle of August, 2013. Made by the same company that brought the famously fun slippers called Stompeez to customers in 2012, Flipeez hats are expected to be popular this fall. These hats are made for all ages and are recommended for age four and up.

The one-size-fits-all caps feature soft fleece on the inside, with knit material on the outside. The flipping action comes from squeezing a puffed ball found in the tassel of the cap. This causes a puff of air to release, which makes the animated character’s ears or tails flip or arms flap, depending on the style of Flipeez cap chosen.


Cute Animal Names Combined With Fun Action Characteristics

Choices are from seven appealing animal styles with creative names like Ranger Racoon, Twitchy Kitty, Playful Puppy, Rascally Rabbit, Huggy Monkey, Curious Owl and Peek-A-Boo Monster. All caps come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Perfect gift for children and grand children for any holiday, Flipeez hats are expected to be best sellers.

Fun, bright colors and cartoon styled, expressive animal faces make Flipeez hats attractive to kids. The Twitchy Kitty style comes in a light shade of lavender with bright pink ears and tail, Ranger Raccoon comes in shades of brown with dark brown circles around the eyes. The brightest colors are found on the bright lime green Flipeez hat called the Peek-A-Boo Monster, with neon shades of orange, aqua and yellow.

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Kid Powered Fun

There are no batteries needed, since all the twitching and flipping action is created entirely by kids, with a simple squeeze of a puffed ball. Flipeez hats are made to last and are available in kid friendly choices of seven different brightly colored animal characters. Each animal features different, laughter inducing actions ranging from tails and ears flipping, to arms flapping.

Kids need to have warm hats when the weather turns cold. All ages will find Flipeez hats difficult to resist. They will quickly become a popularly requested item for gifts.

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