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Better Strainer As Seen on TV Review

Better Strainer – It’s a Better Strainer

better strainer2

If you enjoy cooking or want to buy a gift for someone who does, the Better Strainer is one of the handiest gadgets you can purchase. This strainer attaches to any pot, pan, bowl or skillet and allows you to get rid of water, grease or other liquids quickly and easily.

Many colanders are bulky and take up a lot of space in your cabinets. Colanders and other strainers can also turn over if you don’t pour the liquid directly into the center. This results in your pasta, meat or other foods going into your sink and down the drain. The steam in hot dishes makes it difficult to hold some other flat strainers in place. This is not a problem with the Better Strainer since it locks securely.

The Better Strainer fits snugly onto any of your food preparation vessels, no matter the size. Simply place the curved edge of the strainer onto your vessel. The Flex Fit design allows it to spread open for your large skillets or to fit snugly onto the lip of a small bowl. Pull on the plastic ring to attach the Better Strainer to the vessel. It has lock tabs that snap into place securely on the opposite side. You don’t have to worry about the strainer coming loose while you are pouring hot liquids because of its innovative design. This ensures that you don’t have any painful or messy surprises when you drain your items.

Our strainer is also useful when you wash fresh fruits and vegetables. It allows you to rinse the food and drain it in the same container, thus saving you time on clean up. The fact that the strainer increases in size allows you to utilize the straining action on virtually any cookware you own.

Fragile foods like ravioli will not tear because the non-stick surface prevents this. The Better Strainer is dishwasher-safe. It is about the size of a small plate and takes up very little space in your dishwasher or cabinets. The strainer is a gadget that you will turn to frequently when preparing your meals. You may be so impressed that you will buy one for all your friends and loved ones that take pleasure in preparing hearty and nutritious meals.

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